For PUSD Governing Board

Nonpartisan - Thoughtful - Invested

As a current Governing Board member in good standing, professional in the field of education, champion of scientific literacy, accomplished student of Secondary Education, and a young mother of a future PUSD student, I believe our district would be best served by electing me.

Joe Howard, PUSD Superintendent

"“I just feel super fortunate for PUSD, we didn’t know what we were going to get, and here she is. An immediate contributor...she’s clearly a brilliant, articulate woman who understands education.” 

Tim Carter, Yavapai County Superintendent

"For such a young person, her depth of knowledge of a wide array of educational topics pertinent to K-12 schools is very unusual. She should relate well to all segments of the community and work well with her fellow board members."

Deb Dillon, PUSD Board President

“We’re absolutely delighted to have Sarah. It is so great to have a younger perspective, with her work giving her insights that I think will be valuable to us as well. She is just wonderful.”



There are some people that are bringing politics into schools, both nationally and locally. This is a nonpartisan race, and I am a nonpartisan candidate without a political agenda. I will not distract from the important work of educating.


My Masters in Education, current work in the field, and experience working in teams, allows me to be thoughtful in all discussions and voting items - thoughtful in my listening, my words, my actions and in my ability to reflect when wrong.


Many of the decisions we make today have "long tails." The next generation, including my daughter Sylvia, are my "why". My goal is to play a small part in the direction of public education for every child, every day. An investment in them is an investment in our future.