Image by Nicole Geri

Candidate Statement


  • Current Governing Board member for PUSD, appointed to the role by Tim Carter, Yavapai County Superintendent, in August 2021


  • Current Board Member of the Prescott Education Foundation

  • Current Education Director at the Highlands Center for Natural History

  • 10+ years of professional service in education with a focus on non-profit program administration, science education, and outdoor education

  • B.S. in Earth Science and M.Ed. in Secondary Education

  • Resident and active citizen of Prescott since 2014

  • 33-year-old loving mother to Sylvia (>1 year old) and wife of Andrew Zapushek


I Believe...

Quality public education is foundational to the well-being of individuals and communities. When properly funded & supported and under thoughtful, experienced leadership public education can...

A Governing Board member is...

A Governing Board member is responsible to be of service to the district by taking a 10,000 ft view - ensuring accountability and oversight, as well as providing informed, respectful discussion that accounts for the will of the voters, the wisdom of the district leadership and staff, and most importantly, the well-being of the students.